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Adam Gegotek @
I've been using Linux since my first year of I.T. studies in Poland. Since then I'd describe myself as Linux passionate who get used to work with it on daily basis. Although I'm PHP developer and Symfony evangelist, I'm also very fond of occasionally Python and Perl coding. Those three languages and obviously Vim editor become the reasons why I've started to appreciate Linux every day more and won't abandon it for another decades for sure.

I'm interested in everything related to Web Development, starting from HTML5, CSS3, SASS to Javascript, CoffeScript and Nodejs. Additionally, since January 2013 I've become obsessed with Android world, its development community and amazing gadgets coming from everywhere. I hope to continue this obsession and this way prepare lots of Android based articles. I'm very happy while I can share my knowledge with everyone who seeks it. This was also main goal of my Master's Degree project which I will hopefully continue here, on linuxcareer.

Article contributions:

  1. 04.02.2013 - How to install and use Hubot on Ubuntu Linux

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