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This short how-to describes a way how to reset administrator password on your Joomla 3 installation. For this to work you would need:

  • terminal admin access to your Joomla 3 installation


1. Login and Identify your Joomla 3 database

First login to your Joomla 3 installation site and check configuration.php file and take notes of the following values ( note that your values will be different ):

  • public $user = 'joomla3_user';
  • public $password = 'joomla3_password';
  • public $db = 'joomla3_db';
  • public $dbprefix = 'glq92_';


2. Access MySQL database

With the above information we can now access MySQL database with a following command while changing the values to reflect your settings:

$ mysql joomla3_db -u joomla3_user --password='joomla3_password'

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement. mysql>

3. Reset Administrator password

Once you gain access to your Joomla 3 installation's database you are ready to reset admin password. To do that enter the following command to reset password for admin user to a password "admin". Please note that you need to alter the below command with a correct prefix for your tables. In our case it is "glq92_" so change that to your value.

mysql> update glq92_users set
> password='dc85820626dbd8936f17667eb01c30de:N16Ehwv77HlgxEL81V7Ox3mOgZlRFwrI'
> where username='admin';

All done. Now you should be able to login to your Joomla 3 site as admin with password "admin".


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