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In the past I have worked for various companies as a Linux system administrator. Linux system has become my passion and obsession. I love to explore what Linux & GNU/Linux operating system has to offer and share that knowledge with everyone without obligations. This was also the goal of my past project Feel free to contact me with any good news.
Personal blog: Lubos Rendek
There are 5 ways on how to identify laziness:

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Article contributions:

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  10. Learning Linux Commands: join
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  14. How to convert documents between various markup languages using pandoc
  15. How to reset admin password on Joomla 3
  16. How to Install Linux from USB stick
  17. Disabling User Accounts in Linux
  18. How to determine OS of the remote computer
  19. Linux Command Line & Bash Shortcuts
  20. Identifying File types in Linux
  21. Configuring virtual network interfaces in Linux
  22. How to Install Java on Ubuntu Linux
  23. Simple CGI and Apache examples on Ubuntu Linux
  24. Oracle Java JDK 7 on Ubuntu Linux - Source or RPM Installation
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  26. Setting up apt proxy Server Approx on Ubuntu Linux
  27. Using OpenSSL to encrypt messages and files on Linux
  28. Learning Linux Commands: alias
  29. How to setup and use FTP Server in Ubuntu Linux
  30. Learning Linux Commands: export
  31. Configuration of High-Availability Storage Server Using GlusterFS
  32. User Data Encryption with FUSE-based EncFS filesystem
  33. How to automatically chroot jail selected ssh user logins
  34. Deployment of Kippo SSH Honeypot on Ubuntu Linux

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